Over 25 years of executive management success in pharma market at your service

We distinguish ourselves by offering a powerful combination of experience of senior management and credentials in coaching as well as a deep knowledge of the health market.
This allows us to Foster sustainable change and at the same time meet specific short term performance goals.

Situations in which we add value:

  • Business growth & business development.
  • Provide organization strategy and business transformation yielding business success.
  • Development of executive talent.
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  • Change of business model (can significantly affect strategy, operations, structure of employees, income). Mergers and adquisitions (different cultures, structures and processes).
  • Significant change in the technology that affects all employees and key processes (introducing SAB).
  • Downsizing the company: definition, structure, processes of downsizing, the motivation management, adaptation of business processes.
  • Professionalizing business models: adapt structures, competences and offering value to customers gaining competitiveness and margin.
  • Significant changes of strategy in business or culture.
  • Development of executives.
  • Talent retention.
  • New executive integration.
  • Transition of executives to new roles.

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