Main team

Main Team

Rosa Urtubi

From my early days, coming from the tropical coast of Australia to Spain I have learned to adapt to the changes. I’ve gone from adapting to change to leading change to create a world of efficiency and realization.

I’ve accumulated learnings from business leadership over more than 25 years. I have achieved success leading large teams with different missions, in the areas of marketing, sales, market access, both in global and local positions. I have had the pleasure of living in multicultural environments, including Australia, Spain, UK, USA.

I’ve excelled in financial objectives, team building, restructuring of commercial teams, customer segmentation and designing value solutions for customer loyalty. I have been recognized by the design and execution of new business models. My greatest pleasure has resided in achieving the commitment of the team which in return has brought talent retention and career development. I have led crossdivisional process innovation. I have been lucky to be at the forefront of the integration and management of large corporations, cultural and strategic change. In my 10 years as Executive Business Director at Merck I have led the transformation of hospitals business unit, integration of Merck and SP, and all with financial results and competitiveness above the benchmark in an environment of crisis of the Spanish health system.

Challenges where people management and organizational changes are the key differentiating factor of success with customers and employees.

What I’ve learned and encouraged is that leading change effectively boosts business results, company culture and competencies of leaders. It develops individuals and teams to achieve their greatest potential.

Academic accreditation

  • PHD in Chemistry
  • MBA (Cesem)
  • PDD (IESE)
  • Executive Coach (ICF)
  • Team Coach (ICF)
  • SixSigma (Green belt)
  • Change management (Conners)
  • Strategic Marketing (Tuck, Dartmouth)
  • Inmunity to Change (HBS)

Affiliations and organizations with whom I collaborate

  • IESE business school
  • Womenalia
  • PWN (Proffesional womens network)
  • EEC (Escuela Europea de Coaching)