Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Our value solution

Team Coaching is a process of support to a team of people in achieving their goals. We foster actions that promote cooperation among team members, helping them review and improve their relationships, work processes and values.

We analyze the team dynamics, provide different perspectives that allow them to become aware of where are the basic needs of a high performance team:

  • Shared vision.
  • Mutual feeling of trust and respect.
  • Each member complements skills of others.
  • Efficiently organize meetings and team work.


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    Improve results vs plan

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    Innovation, calculated risk taking decisions

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    Motivation and team commitment

How it works

We identify the obstacles that prevent the team being a motivated and high-performance team. The process includes a diagnosis of inefficient behaviors, meetings management, and dynamic of interaction.

We act providing diagnosis, goal and actions in four areas:

  • Shared vision: why does the team exist? What enables alignment of team action and behavior? culture, ethics, and essence of the team.
  • Bonding: understood as the trust to express ideas, offer support, test vulnerabilities. Courage to offer sincere comments, constructive criticism to projects or team and behavior of the members of the team. Commitment in line with the decisions taken.
  • Roles and responsabilities, participation in meetings and projects. Focus on the results of the team rather than the individual.
  • Management of meetings: agendas, participation, timing, decisions.

When to use it

  • New teams.
  • Disfunctional teams.
  • Cultural changes in the company.
  • Company transformation to be lead by the team.
  • Team leadership in adversity.

An initial analysis with individual interviews with the leader of the team and each Member is established. Subsequently two coaches accompany the team at its meetings, observing, asking questions to the team and keeping a debriefing after each meeting.
Training sessions on management of high performance teams. The duration depends on the frequency of meetings may be 6 to 12 months.