Change Management & Transformation Consulting

Change Management & Transformation consulting

Our value solution

Support in all phases of a high impact or transformational change management and leadership

In situations of in depth transformation, we offer support in all areas:

  • Define: in the design of the strategy on the basis of the company’s vision and values and market dynamics.
  • Implementation phase: ensure we go from installation to the realization. With proven methodology, we provide the actions of assessment and mitigation of risks with the complete analysis of the company. We monitor human reactions, encouraging the participation of all employees, this accelerates the change and stabilizes the behaviors and new procedures.


  • Consultoria

    Achieve the results sought in shortest time.

  • Consultoria

    Manage both short term performance and transformation.

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    Increase the strategic capacity of the management team to transform.

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    Achieve desired change and sustain it in routine operations.

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    Alignment and motivation of the all company employees.

How it works

We make a diagnosis of the situation based on information provided by the company in several sessions with the MD and designated managers who lead the process or part of it. Based on this analysis we propose a tailored solution.

Some key elements that develop within services:

  • Designing the company’s new strategy. Includes: vision, goals and communication plan.
  • Workshops of the Executive Committee for the understanding, alignment and contribution to major changes.
  • Designing the detailed plan identifying processes that require change (HR, customer strategy, management of the portfolio of products, training, technology…).
  • Risk assessment in the company, identify key employee groups and processes at risk. Detailed report.
  • Design of risk mitigation action plan for the desired change. Workflows with multidisciplinary teams including managers, process experts and end users.
  • Redesign, adaptation of processes to serve the new model.
  • Monitoring implementation through regular reports of the plan and presentation to the Executive Committee.
  • Reports on established indicators (KPIs) as well as human reactions.
  • Necessary training that supports the change process.
  • Coaching; Mentoring and individual consulting.
  • Team Coaching of executive team.

When to use it

  • Business model changes.
  • Upgrading commercial teams.
  • Company cultural changes.
  • Company integrations.
  • Structural changes

The execution time is highly variable depending on the magnitude of the change and the stage. It includes individual sessions, team sessions, workshops, training sessions, and surveys.